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If you, like myself, love to get out and hike around the great outdoors, then this list is for you. These are a list of the 5 things that I believe are the most basic and fundamental things that hikers should keep in mind when it comes to survival.

For the most part, most people just don’t believe that they would ever end up in a situation like this. But the reality is that people find themselves in situations where they are fighting just to stay alive more often than you think. One thing happens, that can lead to another, and suddenly you find yourself in a really bad spot, without knowing how to get back / get out of it.

So please take these wilderness guide to heart. They could just save your life someday.

1. Make a Plan, Tell People, and Stick to It

When you go out hiking, please, please, please make a plan ahead of time, and tell at least one people about it. I know that hiking is a great chance to get away from it all, and clear your head, but if no one knows where you are, it could take days longer to find you if something potentially happens.

Just something as simple as a quick text to a friend saying where you are going and when you plan to return takes no time at all, and can make the difference between life and death.

I personally had this come into play a few years ago, when I severely twisted my ankle almost 5 miles away from the trailhead. Luckily enough, I had let my wife know where I was going, and when I planned to be home, so when it started to get dark out and I wasn’t home, she quickly knew where to send people looking for me. It all ended up alright, and I had hobbled my way a mile or two close, but that rescue crew was a very welcome sight for my tired body.


2. Come Basically Prepared

When you are going out in an uncontrolled environment like the wilderness while hiking, it is really a smart idea to bring at least basic stuff that you could use to survive.

Things like: These items really don’t take up very much space or weight within a day pack, but could also come in extremely handy in an emergency situation.


3. Respect Mother Nature

When we get comfortable in our surroundings, many times we really take the dangers for granted. In a situation like hiking, you are out in the wild. What happens to you is really up to the will of God. So please, respect the awesome power of nature to do whatever it wants, and be prepared for it.

This means don’t tempt going out in storm conditions, give yourself enough time to get back safely, don’t put yourself in stupid and dangerous situations, and don’t mess with wildlife. Seriously, bears are a scary thing to run into (and from).


4. Focus on Top Needs

If the situation does arise that you are in a fight for your own survival, focusing on your most important needs is a priority over everything else. Taking care of shelter, food, and water are the top of your action list, and until those are taken care of, don’t worry about anything else.


5. Try to Be Seen

After you take care of those basic needs, you will need to try to get yourself out of that situation. The best way to do that is try to be seen. This not only includes staying in more open and visible areas, but also do things that could get you found much easier, such as starting a fire for the smoke to signal people.

I know things like this wilderness guide seem very trivial and basic, but please try to understand them through-and-through. They could just mean the difference between life and death, for both you and your loved ones.


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