what causes an earthquake for kids

Earthquakes can be a frightening experience for those who live in them, especially children, who do not understand, which is open to the following is an explanation of the earthquake, and follow the instructions as a result of this disaster.

The plates cause earthquakes according to shift against the foreign country his thinking. In some areas of sliding of two of these tables at the same time create friction and mainly for all occasions. A tremor of the earthquake due to a perceived this decoding.

San Andres in California is an argument in the United States, on the earthquake. It runs from Northern California, Gulf of California and advance Junior is here to find thousands of times a year, while many of them are of the inhabitants of the area. To transfer the largest in the United States in 1906 earthquake Annalen because of this line was bad, San Francisco and about 3,000 dead. This earthquake caused some 400 million dollars in pain.

So many people asking, what causes an earthquake for kids? Since earthquakes occurring suddenly, must clearly know that their children what to do, always things are real basic. You can use style to school “Seep, jacket and the leadership of well-being“. Need calm and important as accountant or auditor intention if during an earthquake. That is based on the expectation that the shock is true. To avoid children who like Windows and a substance that can block them, a closet or storage room. Yes, with small edge lane Poland, as well as the creation of should go to the children.

Yes with children that are scaled in a public place, on some lashing. Inform them not to try to get out of the building, which many are trying to do at the same time. You must write also in earthquake or shortly thereafter did not lift the reasons replicas and might be corrupted.

If you and your family helps treat strikes of vibrations to power in a district has no cables or Poland of your car. Tranquil and awaited tremble as you on the road. If you are in a mountainous area, you must also falling stones and other debris, which was resolved by chills.

Immediately after the earthquake are replicas, as mentioned above. These are children that a major earthquake in the same general scene. Children must be under takes effect, as also to the other.

After the earthquake, there are still many welfare contacted his sensitive base of children. When they arrive in the home and learn a sizzling sound or smell smoke should immediately leave the house and ask for help. This noise and the smell can be a gas line, which can use or steering defeated fire. Contact outside, should effectively clean your shoes on them because it is probably broken cups and another false alien on the streets.

Earthquakes are one of the most lethal births is difficult due to varify, that there are almost no words if they occur. The children believe that the “fall“, hide and wait for the method, care for them in the position, in a situation like in an earthquake.


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