camping food list

Having a camping food list is important to have before venturing off on your camping trip. When choosing good camping food you want to consider these 3 qualities: tasty food, easy to make and cooks quickly.

Below we will discuss 10 types of food you should include in your camping food list.

Hamburgers & Hotdogs: Hamburgers and hotdogs have been a long time favorite for outdoor and campfires foods. They still remain a popular item on peoples food list.

(MRE’s) Meals Ready To Eat: These types of food are used in the military and make great camping foods and should be included in your food list. They taste like canned foods, stay fresh, pack well and cook very fast. They are also inexpensive to buy.

Freeze Dries Foods: Like MRE’s they also have the same benefits.

Canned Foods: Most camping food lists consist of having a good supply of canned foods. They offer quick cooking times and are easy to make.

Boxed Foods: Foods in boxes such as rice, noodles and pastas also do well as part of a camping food list. They are lightweight, are easy to make and cook quickly. They also offer plenty of carbohydrates for the much needed energy your body will need.

Breakfast Foods: There are many kinds of breakfast foods such as cereals and granola bars and fruits. These are ideal as they require no cooking time and are quick and easy to snack on while hiking or taking a break. You can also avoid having to cook breakfast in the morning on some days.

Packaged Foods: Foods like beef jerky, trail mix, fruits and nuts offer a fast nutritional snack. These snacks are loaded with protein and carbohydrates to fuel your body.

Crackers & Breads: Another top food to include in your food list is crackers and breads. They go well with most foods and let’s not forget graham crackers for the S’mores.

Fast Food Items: If you get in the mood for some of your favorite fast foods, you can easily make your own on your camping trip. For example: Bringing pita bread, can pizza sauce, bagged pepperoni and cheese can make you a pizza. It tastes even better when you make it over the fire.

Plenty of Drinks: make sure to include plenty of water and sport drinks in your camping food list. Staying hydrated is vital. To save weight you can get many drinks in powder form and can just mix it with water.


These top 10 foods should be on your camping food list for your next camping trip.


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