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ultimate emp survival kit


Product Name: The Ultimate EMP Survival Plan

Product Creator: Buck (alias)

Price: $37.00


The Verdict: 9.1 of 10



The Ultimate EMP Survival Plan was created by Buck (alias), an experienced survivalist since the 70’s, the plan is an all-inclusive guide that’s composed of 6 modules which you will discover simple-step how to survive and prepare an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) attack.

Here is how The Ultimate EMP Survival Plan works, let’s take a look at each one of the prats in the book:

green-buttonsPart 1: This guide you will learn what to do from Day 1 to Day 30, so your family and you will be one of the few people who will survive an EMP attack.

green-buttonsPart 2: In this guide, you will learn a comprehensive list of electronics that couldn’t and could survive an EMP blast. You can use this checklist as your reference whenever you shop for new appliances for your house.

green-buttonsPart 3: This guide you will learn how to ensure your house has a steady supply of electricity during and after an EMP attack without depending on the electricity grid.

green-buttonsPart 4: This guide you will learn how to build Faraday cages inexpensively and easily.

green-buttonsPart 5: This guide you will learn useful info on building essential appliances from scratch, and technique to make repairs fast after an EMP blast.

green-buttonsPart 6: In this guide, you will learn way to prevent others from knowing you have access to electricity post EMP and what you can do to stop people from invading your home.


The Ultimate EMP Survival Kit also comes with these 5 bonus reports at no additional cost:

Bonus 1 – Unlimited Food Blueprint: You will learn everything he knows about how to grow and gather your own food during a disaster, like an EMP attack.

Bonus 2 – Amish Refrigeration Secrets: In the guide contains valuable the detail on how your family and you can refrigerate the food you’ve grown and gathered.

Bonus 3 – Solar Cookery Solution: Will ensure that your family will not eat uncooked or cold food once you experience electricity problems post EMP.

Bonus 4 – Whole Home Heating Formula: contains simple instructions and detailed on how you can make your home cozy and warm all the time.

Bonus 5 – Abundant Water Plan: The guide will assist you make sure your family and you would be able to store and locate clean water.

the ultimate emp survival plan

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The Advantages:

Relatively Simple To Implement

I’m not saying it is going to be a piece of cake. But saying it won’t be overly difficult or impossible to put into practice Buck’s instructions and tips. Buck provided used simple language and enough information in the Ultimate EMP Survival Plan, so there is no chance you will get things wrong.


Got Everything Covered

The guide really covered all the essentials of disaster planning in his book. He touched on storing and growing food, keeping a steady supply of clean water and electricity, protecting your family and home from mobs, and much more.

I’m pretty sure you would be more knowledgeable on how to survive and prepare not only an EMP attack, but also any other disaster after going through this guide and its bonus reports.


Peace Of Mind

I believe this is the ultimate advantage of survival books, such as The Ultimate EMP Survival Plan. A disaster could happen any time, so you always have to be prepared. When you have a solid plan in place, you will sleep more peacefully every night.


Useful And Relevant Information

Will an EMP attack really happen? Honestly, I’m not really sure, and it doesn’t matter. You don’t really have to wait for any kind of disasters to make use of this book, and actually you can use the detail inside for many other purposes.

For instance, it can be really useful when you go camping somewhere remote.


Reasonable Price

While The Ultimate EMP Survival Kit is not entirely cheap, considering all the stuff that Buck included inside, I personally think that it is very reasonably priced.


Comes With Full Refund Guarantee

The Ultimate EMP Survival Plan has a 2 months money-back guarantee in place. Refund requests are processed by ClickBank, a reputable retailer of digital products, so you can be sure that Buck’s guarantee is real.



The Disadvantages:

A Lot Of Things To Read

When buying The Ultimate EMP Survival Kit you will get several books, and you will definitely have to spend a lot of time going through each material. If you are not up for that, you might want to skip this and look for a cheap EMP survival book that contains only the basics.


Who’s Buck?

I don’t know either. He says that he has to hide his identity for safety reasons. I don’t really know if Buck’s life is in danger, but I were really hoping that I could find more information about his background.


Sold As A Digital Product

The Ultimate EMP Survival Plan and the special bonus come in digital format. Not all people love reading eBooks, and if you are one of them, your only option will be to print all the materials yourself.




Overall, “The Final Warning: The Ultimate EMP Survival Plan” is a great eBook that can assist many of people, and I personally believe that anything that would ensure the safety of your family and you during a disaster is worth checking out.

Of course, The Ultimate EMP Survival Plan has its downsides and the lack of the detail about Buck is something that bothers us a bit. Do not get us wrong, I’m not saying he is a fraud. I just feel that people would worry less if they know more details about the guy who is writing this book.

I also must admit that I’m not really fond of the whole “conspiracy theory” story that most authors of survival guide, including Buck, use. However, I don’t think you should use it as a basis for buying this guide or not.

Fortunately, this also comes with a 2-months refund guarantee, so you can see for yourself if The Ultimate EMP Survival Plan is worth your time and money or not.

If you simply have your family’s security as your top priority, or if you are looking for a a simple to follow survival book, or if you want to be always prepared for a possible EMP blast, then the Ultimate EMP Survival Plan is a best choice for you.

Moreover, with Buck’s full refund guarantee promise I don’t see why you should not take this on a test drive.