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Product Name: Survival MD

Product Creator: Robert Grey

Price: $37.00


The Verdict: 9.5 of 10



The Survival MD was created by Robert Grey, has put together a unique survival guide which is quite comprehensive and can assist an ordinary person to acquire the knowledge and skills which can be useful when confronted with emergency situations, especially in times when providers of hospitals and health care are not easily accessible.

According to Robert, the primary cause of death from emergencies arises because of disease and infection, and this is where the system in America is lagging behind first world countries in its ability to cope with such situations.

This has been amply demonstrated when the natural disaster Katrina struck, it found Americans not having access to providers of health care and enough of medical supplies.

According to his claims, that is what inspired him to collaborate with a Romanian doctor, Radu Scurtu, to develop a course that could impart knowledge to ordinary Americans, so that they could use the tips and techniques used in third world countries to prevent diseases and illnesses that are a consequence of major disasters.

This is what Survival MD is all about, here are the main things that you will learn from this book:

green-buttonsIt warns you of the mistakes you may commit, when you are confronted with a disaster situation.

green-buttonsYou will discover technique to stay alive for months, even when there are no qualified doctors around.

green-buttonsIt gives you detail on a secret kept by the medical fraternity which can save you from death.

green-buttonsIt stresses on the need for creating proper garbage and human waste management.

green-buttonsIt tells you how to put together a first aid kit that is just right for disasters.

green-buttonsIt tells you about the 9 things you need to carry in your bag, whenever you are in a situation where you have to leave your house.

green-buttonsThe TeCaMoLo principle is a medical formula that assists you to make the right diagnosis, and this book gives you detail about this.

green-buttonsIt gives advice on technique to align a dislocated shoulder through a step by step approach.

green-buttonsIt tells you about the five causes of death that are a consequence of each disaster.

green-buttonsIt tells you what medicines are effective and must be stored, and the ones that are not actually best for your health.

green-buttonsIt tells you how you can arrange prescriptions that can last you a month, and other.


Besides the main Survival MD book, the 2 authors, Scurtu and Grey also offer as a bonus, a guide with a title, “How to Survive Without Prescription”. This detail can be very useful in finding alternative medicines that can assist you to remain healthy, when prescription medicines cannot be accessed.

survival md review

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The Advantages:

Straightforward Simplicity

This guide, the Survival MD, has been written so that it can be easily understood by the layperson and does not require you to be a medical professional. Reading this can equip you in just the quarter of an hour to be more knowledgeable and be prepared for medical emergencies than many professionals from the developed world.


A Complete Book To Medical Survival

The Survival MD guide can allow you to remain healthy and survive during a disaster, even when medical professionals are unavailable.

You will discover technique to make a quick diagnosis so that the right treatment is administered, technique to put together a first aid kit, technique to use alternative medicines, and a lot of other things.


Prepare To Deal With Any Disaster

The guide laid down in Survival MD is cost effective. It can give you skills and knowledge that will assist you to deal with any disasters without requiring any reference to medical and hospitals professionals.


The Detail Is Based On Research And Experience

It took Robert Grey the expenditure and ninety days of some money before he could put together the detail given in this book. According to him, he traveled for months through different countries to gather the detail relevant to medical survival, and the guide also takes Dr. Radu’s knowledge and experience into account.

That is why this book is pretty contains and unique information that we didn’t see in other survival books that have been reviewed earlier.


Full Refund In 2 Months

If you have spent money to acquire the Survival MD book and you are in any way dissatisfied with it, Rob Grey promises that you will get a full refund.



The Disadvantages:

Cannot Completely Replace The Need For Medical Intervention

One thing to knowledge about Survival MD guide is that while it can assist you to save life, your own and that of others, even when medical assist is not immediately available, this book is not meant to replace medical professionals.


Can Be Purchased Only Online

The only choice to buy the Survival MD guide these days is on the online and you won’t find this survival book at the “offline world”.




The Survival MD guide has its minuses and pluses, and it is certainly not a replacement for medical intervention.

With that said, this book can be very useful when confronted with emergency situations and the fact that the creator offers a 100% refund policy allows you to take it to a ”test drive” and check everything inside risk-free – a decent offer in our opinion.

I really like that Survival MD guide can be easily understood by the layperson and you really do not need to be a medical pro in order to benefit from this book.

In addition, the fact that the advice inside is based on experience and research is a big plus, and I must admit that some of the detail shared inside by Robert Grey and Dr. Radu Scurtu is truly unique.

If you are looking for a simple-step book that can assist you be prepared for emergency situations when providers of health care are not easily accessible, then Survival MD can be a best option for you.

After all, if you won’t be enjoy with what you discover, you can always ask the creator to send you a full refund within 60-days.




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