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Product Name: Spy Escape and Evasionspy escape and evasion review

Product Creator: Jason Hanson

Price: $27.00


The Verdict: 9.2 of 10



The Spy Escape And Evasion is a training guide that you will learn some survival strategies and skills used by spies, and technique to stay protect and safe your family regardless of the situation you find yourself into.

This guide was developed by Jason Hanson, a security specialist and an ex-CIA officer, which also appeared in the ABC TV show “Shark Tank”. The Spy Escape And Evasion is filled with the detail he learned during his career as a CIA officer, and it was developed to teach ordinary people a wide range of skills.

Here are some of the strategies and skills you will discover thanks to this guide:

green-buttonsFirstly, you will discover technique to stay off their radar and avoid someone. This guide is divided in 3 different steps you can use to create some decoys and stay off the grid. You will also discover about the 3 items you need to disappear from someone’s life.

green-buttonsWay to read body languages with efficient methods used by both the CIA and the FBI.

green-buttonsSome easy but efficient way you can use to tell if someone is following you.

green-buttonsAll you want to know about breaking free from restraints, including rope, zip ties, handcuffs and duct tape.

green-buttonsHow to hide the fact that you are lying and how to tell when someone is lying.

green-buttonsHow to pick a lock so that you can get past a door in 10 minutes or less.

green-buttonsPlenty of the detail on technique to hotwire a vehicle and a list of cars that can be easily hotwired.

green-buttonsA life-saving tips and technique you can use to improvise weapons in any situation.

green-buttonsSome helpful technique and information about portable gadget you can use to protect yourself from violent crime.

green-buttonsA information guide on technique to create your own water-resistant and sealed emergency kit, a list of items you need to keep in this kit and some techniques on way to safely hide it.

green-buttonsThe best strategies to use to keep criminals out of your house.

green-buttonsSome techniques that will assist you stay alive if you are abducted, and other.

spy escape and evasion

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The Advantages:

Super Affordable Price

The detail you will have access to inside the Spy Escape And Evasion guide is extremely valuable and it would not be shocking to see someone as experienced as Jason charge thousands of dollars for this kind of guide.

However, Jason Hanson decided to make this detail affordable and easily accessible so that everyone can enjoy and learn this guide. I must admit that I have found other similar guide available online at a very affordable price, but no other guide offered so much detail for this price.


Jason Hanson Is An Expert

I stopped worrying about Jason Hanson being a scammer once we were able to verify his credentials. Hanson possesses additional credentials that make him a credible instructor and appeared on the ABC show “Shark Tank. Here are some of his credentials:

green-buttonsHe graduated from Radford University.

green-buttonsHe wrote for different magazines, including Personal and Home Defense.

green-buttonsHe wrote “The Covert Guide To Concealed Carry”.

green-buttonsHe is a Utah Concealed Firearms Permit instructor and a certified instructor for the National Rifle Association.


All people can call themselves “a survival expert” on the online. However, it’s unusual to see someone who is as experienced and credible as Jason Hanson in this field.


A Fun And User-Friendly Learning Environment

The creator had to complete a rigorous training guide during his time with the CIA. However, you can discover everything he knows in a much more relaxed environment without feeling like you just joined the military. All the detail is presented in a organized and clear manner in different guides.


Skills With Real Life Applications

All the techniques you will discover with this guide can be shared with the people you care about. You can use these skills to protect your family or friends, and to stay safe in a dangerous situation.


Anyone Can Learn

You don’t need to work in law enforcement or live a dangerous lifestyle to learn something useful from this guide. Anyone can benefit and learn from the Spy Escape And Evasion guide, including stay at home parents , businessmen, and any other people who want to be ready should they find themselves in a dangerous situation.


You Have 60 Days To Get Your Money Back

The creator strongly believes that the Spy Escape And Evasion guide will meet your expectations. However, you can ask for a full refund within two months if you regret your buy it and do not find this guide helpful.



The Disadvantages:

The Course Is Only Available In Digital Format

The Spy Escape And Evasion guide are available in PDF format and You can also listen to an audio or watch videos format of the guide online. If you want watch physical DVDs at home, or don’t have access to the Internet, or would rather read a book this is not the ideal guide for you.


It Takes Time

The Spy Escape And Evasion guide is a very comprehensive approach to everything you need to know to safely get out of dangerous situations. Going over all the detail will take some time. If you wanted a short guide you can read within a short time-frame, this might not be the great choice for you.




The Spy Escape And Evasion has its own minuses and pluses, and it is certainly not the great option for everyone. Having said that, the fact that the creator provides a 100% refund policy lets you learn his methods, go through his course, and just then to decide if it’s really for you without any risk at all.

This is something that other security specialists and survival experts usually don’t offer, and I personally really appreciate this generous guarantee from Jason Hanson.

I must admit that I were really amazed with all the detail this guide offers for such a low price, and I really think that its price is a bargain compared to similar guide on the internet.

The facts that Jason Hanson, that all the detail he shares is simple to understand and is a real expert in this field, make the Spy Escape And Evasion a best guide in our opinion.

Overall, if you want a complete guide that can teach you survival strategies and skills used by spies, and proven tips and techniques that can assist you stay protect and safe your family in different situations then Spy Escape And Evasion guide is absolutely worth a try for you.

And, if you will not a happy with the techniques Jason Hanson teaches inside, you can always request him to send you all your money back within 60-days.




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