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There are many different types of small camping trailers to choose from on the camping sales market. It comes down to which of the trailers is best for your ideal camping trip and your needs.

Some small camping trailers come as a hard top tent trailer that will require some assembly, but is easy to pull on just about any size vehicle.

Most importantly, when choosing a camping trailer, you need to determine what your budget is, as the prices do vary. A less expensive option for camping trailers is a pop up and folding trailer.

These types of small camping trailers usually have either aluminum and steel or fiberglass and steel bottom with a secure lid that locks. The lid of the trailer can be opened and raised through a crank. Then you will find a few bunks for your sleeping platforms.

In most cases, you can fit 2 adults for sleeping. Most small trailers will include storage cupboards. So, even though the small size, you can store your cooking supplies and other equipment and gear that you brought along with you.

If you choose for a slightly larger camping trailer, they often come with a small fridge, freezer and sink which can come very useful. Many can also be set up for electricity and can be connected to a generator for power.

Below are the 3 most common styles of small camping trailers:

Travel Trailer: This is ideal for most camping trips because you are able to easily tow behind your vehicle. They also come in several variations of sizes to choose from. Prices do vary on size.

Folding Camper Trailer: This is the most common type of small camping trailers. They provide a good amount of space when the camper is opened.

Truck Camper: These campers offer features that allow them to slide right into many pickup trucks. They are small, compact, but do offer a limited inside space for camping.


When you are choosing out of the many small camping trailers, most of it comes down to how small you want the camper to be, your budget and the amount of features and amenities that come with the camper.

Small camping trailers are constructed to be durable and reliable for many years as long as you keep up with the care. Choosing from a particular model or brand is mostly personal preference and is solely up to each individual person.


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