greece financial crisis

We are experiencing the beginning of the next largest financial collapse that will throw the whole world into chaos and confusion. You may or may not know what is happening in Greece right now. Greece is currently experiencing a financial meltdown as we speak. This is the beginning of the worlds financial problems. It is going to go to down like a deck of cards, one by one.

Thousands of people in Greece lined up to ATMs to withdraw money from their bank accounts and only learned they can only withdraw $60. Since July 3rd, no citizens of Greece can only withdraw $50 out of their bank account. According to Drudge Report, Greece will run out of money by the end of Fourth of July weekend.

Why should we be concerned about the economic collapse in Greece? We should be concerned, because the financial collapse that is happening in Greece will spread across the globe, including the United States.

greece financial crisisIn addition, what is happening in Greece is exactly what is happening in the United States and that is spending. The Greece government continued to spend and put itself in debt and the United States is doing the same. Sadly, there is a very high chance that Greece will experience a complete financial collapse that will see it exit the euro before the end of 2015, if not sooner. The United States will shortly feel the same pain that Greece is now experiencing.

In addition, the United States should brace ourselves for a further devaluation of the dollar that could have a negative impact on our exports. We will also experience the aggravation waiting in long lines at the ATM’s in the hope for withdrawing money out of our bank accounts. After that one event will lead to the next and America will eventually experience full blow economic collapse and martial law. It will be total collapsed of society and lawlessness.

Here is what you have to remember. The world economy is going to crash. There is  going to be hell on earth in the very near future. Many people will perish due to this coming world financial crisis due to not being prepared.

Here are what they are not telling you:

1. The Greeks has already stretched their limits: since the bailout agreement five years ago, the Greek government had cut spending, raised taxes and turned a government deficit of 24 billion euros into a surplus of 3 billion euros.

2. Greece is already in catastrophe: Greek has a long history of economic problems. The gross domestic product has fallen 25%, imports have fallen 40% and the unemployment rate is 25%.

3. The Greeks did not cause this crisis alone: Davos Darkings are one of the people responsible for the economic collapse. Davos Darkings has increased Greece debt bubble.

4. Greek cannot produce money by tightening its belts: Greek has already stretched its financial limits. Since it has already stretched its finsncial limits, it is not producing any type of income for the country.

5. Everyone should stop panicking: the main stream media is not telling you how really bad the Greece financial crisis is. Obama had recently came out on television to tell the American people that the Greece financial crisis problems will not affect the United States.


In Conclusion, Does This Mean America Is Going To Experience The Same Pain As Greece?The answer to that question is yes, as long as the United States government continues to accumulate national debt. As long as our debt bubble grow, the likelihood of a economic collapse is very high.

The bottom line here, the mainstream media and the politicians are hiding the real truth from you to prevent panic. The real question is, how are you going to prepare when the financial crisis hits the United States or wherever you may live. The United States government is accumulating debt. Our national debt crisis is increasing and the debt bubble could burst at any moment.

Start stocking up on food and water, because the dark days are coming. Buckle your seat my fellow Americans, we are in for a long ride!


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