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As you know – I love hunting trips. My father is the one who put this love into my heart and I enjoy spending time with him. So, I have to imagine that there is a whole population of older people who would like information on my favorite past time. Here, I hope to spread my love to you for the sport that I love. Being outdoors is great for any age, but it is especially good for the older generation – particularly when they can spend that time outdoors with their own family.

More and more seniors are becoming active as they reach the age of retirement. These people no longer have to worry about getting to work on time and they are going to find that they have a lot of more free time on their hands.

Many of these people are going to be looking for something in which they can do in order to help get through the times in which they may feel as though retirement was the worst possible decision for them.

Due to so many older adults becoming more active, hunting is becoming a very popular sport with this age group. What was once left to the younger generations is now becoming something that many retirees are getting into.


Deer Hunting

Deer hunting is becoming a favorite past time of many seniors who find that this is a huge challenge and a game of patience. For those who have spent several years in a profession in which they were constantly on the move, then deer hunting may be ideal for them. It does require that a person sit for long periods of times and pay attention as they have to be ready at a moments notice to shoot the deer once they appear.


Raccoon Hunting

This type of hunting is more involved. Most people find that using coon dogs is the best option when hunting these varmints. This will involve not only finding a dog but ensuring that you are doing your job as its master. Many people take this a step further and train these dogs on their own. This is great for those who have some experience training dogs before, however, it is a slow process that can be rather aggravating. If you are wanting to ensure that your hunting experience are not like a day at school, then training your own dog may not be the best option.


Squirrel Hunting

This is fun for all, and many seniors find that taking grandchildren with them is a great way to spend some time together. This requires that you be a great shot as these little squirrels can get away fast. It also requires that you have good eyesight as it can be hard to spot squirrels when they are up in trees.


Dove/Duck Hunting

This type of hunting is a wait and see game, yet you can encourage the birds to come to you through having the proper call. With this being said, this is more similar to deer hunting as there are times in which you are simply sitting there and waiting for the bird in question to fly by so you can take a shot.

Recently I took my elderly father on one of these camping and hunting adventures that I am so fond of. In fact, my father is the one who got me interested as a younger boy. Since he was a bit rusty in his “skills”, I made sure that he was ready for the camping and hunting from a safety standpoint.

Since we camp in a fairly rough area, and would need to stay warm, I made him review a chainsaw training video. Then, since it’s been a while since he had shot a firearm, I made him watch this video to ensure he was ready. As you know, with hunting or any other activity involving firearms, safety is priority one.

Camping and hunting trips are great outdoor skills for those who are interested. They will find that it takes time and devotion to make these hunts prosperous. And there are going to be times in which you never kill a thing. However, the fun is in the hunt and learning how to beat the game that you are tracking. This is great for those who simply want to be outdoors more or for those who have a real passion for the outdoors.


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Below video about hunting trips: