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For those of us who enjoy the heart-throbbing chase of the prey and the thrill of the kill comes the convenience of recreation, fresh air, exercise and good sport. There seems to be little time or thought for tragedies while in the field. Ignoring them as a possibility however, could be a fatal error.

Speaking from first-hand experience as being a victim of unsafe hunting and firearm handling, I can say with honest certainty that a hunter must have a safety-conscious mind at all times. We will now take a brief look at how to practice safety while being out on the hunt.

You don’t need to graduate from a fancy school to know and realize that even people who don’t handle firearms should be able to tell you that you must always treat them as though they were loaded and keep them secured when they are not. You wouldn’t point a loaded gun at another person if you certainly weren’t intending to shoot them.

If you follow this simple yet critical rule then the next one will come almost naturally. You need to know where the muzzle of the gun is pointed at all times. It shouldn’t take a genius to know that a gun can go off at anytime for whatever reason if it is indeed loaded. If you have it pointing in an appropriate area then no death or injuries should ever come to anyone.

When out hunting and you have a potential target in sight, you had best be sure of what you are aiming at. Sitting in the forest too long can get a hunter very anxious and the imagination can certainly wander off. Pretty soon every sound or everything moving is the game you are hunting.

When you have made certain of your target, you must then take into quick consideration where your shot is going to go should you miss or if the bullet should pass through the animal. You must know what lies beyond your target and whether or not it is safe to fire. When in doubt, do not shoot. It’s far better safe than sorry no matter what anyone may tell you afterward.

Before you even go out to the hunting field, you should do a thorough check of your weapon to make sure everything is in working order. The barrel should never ever have anything blocking it from the inside or out. Be sure to clean your weapon out after every use.

Disaster can strike causing certain death if proper care of a firearm is not executed. When you are with your gun and are not going to be using it right away, you should seriously consider unloading it to avoid undesired discharges.

At times when you are in motion with a firearm, especially if you’ve been appointed the position in a hunting gang to be the “dogger” be sure you never climb trees or fences when the firearm is loaded. There are ways around this but it’s best to be safe.

You should never shoot at water, or at flat and hard surfaces. Ricochets can be absolutely deadly. When the hunting is finished for the day, be sure the firearm is unloaded and is safely stored separately from the ammunition.

Last but certainly not least, never ever hunt when you or anyone else has been consuming alcohol. Hunting is dangerous enough without throwing this toxic combination in with it.

If someone you are with has been drinking, be sure to tell them you will never hunt with them while they have been drinking. Never give in and stick to your convictions. Always suggest anyone that’s been consuming alcohol keep their firearms completely locked up.

Following these rules should provide anyone with a safe mind-set when hunting alone or with others.


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