how to survive zombie attack

After watching the movie World War Z and seeing the Ebola outbreak, it is not hard to realize that a zombie attack is not a very far-fetched idea. Technology is advancing at a fast pace in this day and age.

Scientific innovations are making it possible to develop organismic strains that were unknown before our day. At the same time, terrorists are using every available weapon, including biological ones to reign havoc on the human population.

It is therefore not hard to see how a zombie apocalypse could occur. It is as real a possibility as the nuclear threat is today.

If this ever happened, it is important to have a plan on how to survive zombie attack. This article offers the best possible ways of surviving the attack. If you want how to learn survival skills – click here!


5 Key Steps in Surviving a Zombie Attack

1. Learn Everything About Your Enemy

While it may seems as though there is so much general information about zombie outbreaks, having the information at hand is crucial. Since there are so many circumstances that may lead to an outbreak, seek to understand the most probable causes.

This may be a viral outbreak, a chemical contamination, or use of biological weapons. This will help you to understand the source, means of infection, and how it spreads. That way, you can protect yourself from falling victim when an attack occurs.


2. Prepare for Any Eventuality

With the information about the imminent outbreak, you will be best positioned to understand a number of things. First you will know the source of the outbreak and thus stay clear of that geographical location.

Secondly, you will know the best ways to protect yourself and your family. This can be purchasing gas masks, protective suits, or buying weaponry that can quickly kill them.

Lastly, you will know where to get supplies when the situation escalates. Then put this knowledge into use immediately before the situation gets worse. If possible, stock up all necessary supplies early on.


3. Keep All Important Stuff Handy

One aspect of a zombie attack is that you may never know how long and how bad the situation may get. As such, be ready to leave at a moment’s notice. That means having some supplies packed and your documentation in order just in case you have to leave in a hurry.

Such supplies may include canned food, weapons, travel documents, a first aid kit, flask lights, radio calls, and so on.


4. When You Have to Fight

While it is important to know how to run and hide from zombies, you may still encounter them in face to face combat. When this happens, be careful not to engage in a wrestling match. Chances of getting bitten are very high.

The best weapons against them are either guns, fire, or metal rods. This will ensure you don’t get too close to them. Always aim to crush their heads or blow them up with explosives.


5. When you are Outnumbered

In cases when they are many in number, you are better off escaping or hiding rather than fighting. In a worst case scenario when you can’t run, hide, or fight, imitate their moves and act like them. This will draw attention away from you. Do this until you get a chance to escape.


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