how to survive in the wild

If all the governments were to be broke and the world becomes a piece of wilderness to reckon with would you survive or would you give up? We live in a world full of possibilities and this we have seen in many countries especially those that have been involved with war.

A wild place is an environment that has no or very limited life supporting resources such as water, food and shelter among others.

It is absolutely vital to know and adapt some skills on how to survive in the wild or in times of life emergencies. If you are looking how to learn survival skills – click here!

Your survival will depend on the following things:


1. Your Will to Survive

The difference between one who will survive and one who cannot is the will to survive. When you have the will and are determined to face the wild situation and believe that you have what it takes to overcome then that positive attitude plays a key role to help you survive.

The state of your mind when in a wild situation is very important as it will determine if you will be able to think beyond what you can see with your physical eyes. They say where there is a will then there is a way out.


2. Secure the Basic Necessities

There are four basic needs a human will have wherever they be and it’s important to find a way out in the wild to satisfy these needs. You usually need water, food, shelter and warmth.

You must figure out how you can provide these four things in the wilderness. You will need to keep warm and therefore you have to know different ways to put up fire especially through the night. Water is always a challenge in a wild place but water can be everywhere.

Understanding the terrain and the behavior of the wild animals around you can lead you to a water source. Do not wait until you are out of water, find and preserve it in advance.

You will need some sleep for you to be able to think straight and make logical decisions along your way so ensure you find a safe place as your shelter and grab some sleep to rest your mind and body.

Water is life but food is very important for strength to walk through difficult terrains so when in the wilderness be wild.

Remember its survival for the fittest so do anything in your capacity to hunt insects, small game or birds, wild honey and wild fruits for food. Eat and preserve some until you find some more elsewhere through your journey.


3. Observe Basic Wilderness Survival Rules

Your survival in the wild place whether it’s a forest, mountain, and desert or war zone will depend on how capable you are to hold yourself from stressing because it can alter your way of thinking and lead to you being hurt.

When faced with a situation in the wilderness for example a wild animal confronts you, how you react to it will determine if you will survive or not.

When you are faced with a situation just stop and think through whatever you are facing, be observant to notice any possibilities of survival and plan on the ones to take and how you will execute them.


When it comes to the End, I HIGHLY recommend a wonderful resource called “The Lost Ways” Check it out!


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