how to make survival tools in the wild

Nothing can be scary like going to the wild without the right survival tools. These tools are very important as they can be used for various purposes. Survival tools can be used for protection and procuring food in the wilderness.

While in the wild, anything around you can be used as a survival tool. Things like sticks, bones, bottles, pens, books and more are examples of items that can be used as survival tools. If you are looking how to learn survival skills – click here!

Some of the survival tools you can make in the wild


Simple Club

This is one of the simplest tools you can make in the wild. A simple club can be used to kill small game and general camp use. To make a club , you need several materials; a forked limb bone, piece of rock, chord, rope, vine and rawhide.

The forked limb should have a Y section on it where a rock is fitted and secured in place using a wire, rope , cord , vine , and wet rawhide. Wet rawhide is preferred as it is capable of shrinking upon drying to hold the stone securely in place.



A simple knife is used to stab and cut material. A knife can be made from a sharp tipped piece of wood or bone. First, break the stone and identify a piece that has a sharp point and is large enough to hold securely.

This knife is good at stabbing. But if you want one that you’ll use for cutting purposes, its advisable to use hard stone, sharp edged bones, piece of metal, hardwood , or pieces of glass for the blade.

To make a cutting knife, get a piece of hardwood and split it. Insert a blade and then wrap the handle tightly using wet rawhide.


Throwing Stick

This is effective hunting equipment that you can easily make. A throwing stick is curved at a 45-degree angle. To make a throwing stick, get a stick with a 45-degree angle and shave off two opposite sides so that its flat like a boomerang.



This is another easy to make survival tool. It’s basically used to kill small game such as porcupine, snake, and rabbit, among others. To make a spear, sharpen the piece of wood and harden it in fire.

Alternatively, you can attach a blade point using sharp bone, metal, hardwood, or glass. Attach the blade and wood using wire, vine, string, cord, or wet rawhide. Place a knife parallel to the shaft of the spear and lash it on securely.



A slingshot is made form a Y shaped piece of hardwood, 2 strips of rubber and a leather pouch. Secure the two strips of rubber on both sides of the Y shaped wood near the end. Tie the pouch to the open ends of the rubber strips and you have a complete slingshot.


The Bola

The bola is another convenient and easy-to-make survival tool. You can use the bola to capture birds and running game. To make a bola, you will need three pieces of string. Tie all the three ends of the strings together at one end. At the three loose ends, tie some weight to each one.


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