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When choosing motorcycle camping gear, there are some things you need to consider. Since you don’t have as much room on a motorcycle to pack your motorcycle gear, you need to choose your gear wisely. Adding too much weight on a motorcycle can be dangerous. Too much weight can cause more wear on the tires and suspension and can consume more fuel.

Motorcycle camping gear should include your essentials and should be light weight. An easy way to follow to lighten up your load is to use lightweight backpacking equipment.

Tent: The first choice for you motorcycle camping gear is choosing a tent. Having a tent is very important for your survival and comfort. Most modern tents are lightweight and strong. You can usually do fine with a lightweight one to two person tents. There are a few tents that come with a side annex, which can be used to cover your motorcycle. Be prepared that getting stuck in your tent for multiple days due to unexpected bad weather is a possibility, so keep in mind the comfort level of your tent as well.

Sleeping System: The next part of choosing your motorcycle camping gear is your sleeping arrangements. When choosing a mattress, a lightweight inflatable mattress should be used. You can also consider bringing a sleeping bag. A down sleeping bag offers great comfort, warmth and is lighter, but does usually cost more. Keep in mind if you choose to use a down sleeping bag, it will not hold up well in damp or wet weather. If you have the room, a synthetic sleeping bag may be ideal for possible damp or wet weather conditions. Some people even choose using a hammock to save room and weight, but that is not the most comfortable choice and is not for everyone. With a hammock, you are also very limited to your weather conditions.

Cooking Equipment: Another part of your motorcycle camping gear that you will need is having a lightweight cooking system. You may choose to use a single burner with a small gas bottle or a compact charcoal grill.

Food Items: Dehydrated food items are very lightweight and compact and work great for saving room and weight. To store food, plastic bags are lighter less bulky than using food containers. Water does tend to add weight, but you should always include plenty in your gear.

Miscellaneous Equipment: Bringing large garbage bags can work great for carrying your motorcycle gear while traveling.

You can also use a haversack for carrying light gear and clothing. Just remember to carry your tent poles and other heavier equipment on the bike’s rack. Also, a fanny pack is great for carrying small personal items in and should be included in as part of storing your motorcycle camping gear.


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