camping sleeping bags

When camping in cold and wet weather, apart from your shelter (usually a tent), the next most important piece of equipment is your sleeping bag. Buying quality camping sleeping bags and taking good care of them will ensure that everyone gets a good nights sleep even when the weather does take a turn for the worst.

This Coleman Cresent is a “mummy” style sleeping bag. More about sleeping bags:

Buying Sleeping Bags


How much room will you need, do you want to be able to move your feet around? Although a snug fitting bag will be more efficient in keeping out the cold.



Rectangular bags are usually bigger and will take up more room.

Trapezoidal bags narrow down from the shoulders to the feet.

Mummy bags are so called because they are shaped to fit around the body, they have a hood for your head and are very efficient in keeping in the warmth, the only drawback is that you can’t move around in them.



If you are backpacking the weight will be more important, a couple of extra pounds can make a difference on a long walk.



Cotton isn’t a popular choice as it absorbs moisture.

Synthetic materials are warm and lightweight, and easy to dry out when wet.

Down bags contain goose feathers and are generally a lot warmer than synthetic, but are not great if they get wet as they become heavy and extremely difficult to dry out.


Temperature Rating

Check out the temperature rating of the sleeping bag, to make sure it can cope with the temperature of the area you are visiting.

Bags can have a right or left handed zipper and providing they’re the same make, if you buy one bag with a right hand zipper and one with a left handed zipper, you can zip them together.

When travelling you can put your bag in a compression stuff sack so that it won’t take up much room, and when you are not using it keep it aired and dry by storing it in a mesh bag. Be sure to take good care of your camping sleeping bags, it’s all that’s between you and a good nights sleep!


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Below video about camping sleeping bags: