becoming a hunting guide

My journey to becoming a hunting guide has been one many years in the making. I hope that it will help to educate and entertain you, and hopefully give you a little insight into the life of this hunting guide. But first, a little broader look at the profession:


Being a hunting guide is a very exciting and adventurous experience. Every single day, you are able to run wild in the beautiful outdoors, and take people to places they have never been, to do things they may have never been able to do.

Being a guide is also a very gratifying occupation, because you are able to help families make memories they will never forget, and really deepen the bond between fathers and son, and fathers and daughters.



Although running around the wilderness is great most days, it can be very harsh and unforgiving some days as well. It’s not nearly as fun to hunt through a dreary and damp rainy day as a nice crisp fall day with the sun shining and fresh air. Some days when you get soaked and chilled to the bone, you wonder why you don’t just give it up and go get a desk job. At least the coffee is always hot there.


My Story

Hunting was something I have always been naturally called to, and have done since I was a young boy. My dad would take me out a few times every fall, whenever his schedule would allow it. We would wander around looking for deer, and even though we often came back empty, it was one of my favorite things as a child.

So naturally after I graduated high school, I was trying to figure out some way to not give in to “the man” and get a nine to five job like the rest of the working class schmucks out there. I bounced around a few jobs then, but always loved working with my hands. From a general handyman, to an auto mechanic – I did it all.

Then, in my mid-20’s, my friend came back into town after being away at college and his job for a number of years. He was wanting to hunting, and experience the Manitoba that he grew up in, but never fully experienced. So I gladly agreed to take him out hunting for his first time.

I have never had a better day of hunting in my entire life. After only being out for an hour, another buddy we brought with had already taken a beautiful five point buck. As we were starting to dress and clean that animal, we saw another, even bigger buck just off at the end of the meadow we were in, about 300 yards away.

I let my friend who had never gone hunting take the shot, and somehow, he managed to put the bullet right behind the shoulder! The deer ran off, so I went with my friend to go track it down, and find where it finally died.

After only walking about one third of a mile, we found it laying in a little thicket of bushes. A beautiful young catch!

My friend went around telling people for months after that how amazing that experience hunting was, and somehow accredited me for everything. I had people asking me about going out hunting with me that I barely knew! Even offering to pay me to take them out, so I started accepting it. Hey, couldn’t be worse than working under a car any more!

So I started to build up a regular customer base, and was even able to quit my day job only 2 years later, and pursue hunting full time.

That ended up being the best decision of my life, and I haven’t looked back since. Even though some days are better than others, I still love every minute of this, and wouldn’t trade it for the world. My wife doesn’t like the time away sometimes, but makes exceptions because I love it so much.


When it comes to the End, I HIGHLY recommend a wonderful resource called “Darkest Days” Check it out!


Below video about becoming a hunting guide: