home emergency kit

Your home emergency kit should contain essential survival supplies for a minimum of three days, as well as a few essential items and copies of documents (see Evac-Pack) in the event there is an evacuation of your area.

If you live in an area where long term loss of services is likely, or where disaster may wipe out sources of re-supply you may want to increase your home emergency kit to include supplies to last as long as two-weeks.

Establish a designated location for these supplies that is easily accessible and make sure all family members know where it is and can get to it. You may need to grab it and go in the event of an emergency. (Obviously, you should place it out of the reach of children who are too young to be trusted with the contents.)

In case of evacuation you should have what you might call a Bug-Out-Bag containing three days worth of supplies, your First-Aid kit, and your Evac-Pack in a backpack, duffel bag, or other easy-to-carry container so that you are ready to leave at a moment’s notice.

View each category below for a complete list of suggestions for your home emergency kit, and select those items that seem best suited to your situation.

green-buttons Evacuation Packet (Evac-Pack)

If you are forced to evacuate your home you may have little or no time to locate and grab essential documents, keys, and money. Prepare an evacuation packet (evac-pack) in advance, place it in a waterproof, sealed container, and you can grab it and go.

green-buttons Food and Water

During and following a disaster you are likely to lose basic services such as power and water. You are also likely to become more physically active. Both of these factors will affect the food and water you have available and your need for it. Check this page to find suggestions for water and foods you should have on hand in the event of an emergency.

green-buttonsClothing, Bedding, and Hygiene

Being clean, warm, and dry and getting a good night’s sleep are not luxuries when your health and survival may depend on it.

green-buttonsEmergency Tools and Cooking Equipment

There is simply no substitute for the right tool at the right time. This is true whether you need to dig a hole, signal a rescue helicopter, mix up some dried milk, or cook a hot meal.

green-buttonsComfort and Miscellaneous items

green-buttonsHome Emergency Kit for Pets


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