home disaster kit

Your home disaster kit has two main priorities. First is food storage and the ability to reproduce food. The second priority is the ability to live off the grid. Almost everything will fall into these two categories.

However, later I will discuss the Bug Out Bag which is used if you must leave your home because of the disaster. Home disaster kit planning will also require a retreat plan but these details will be discussed in future postings.

Food storage is more than hording food. It requires a lot of planning to store food and the specific details will be posted at a later time. Important consideration is enough food to cover yourself and your family for an extended period.

I recommend that you initially start with a 30 day supply of food which can be done quite easily. Over time you will extend to a 90 day food supply and then eventually a year supply of food.
By establishing a small supply of food initially will be lighter on your wallet which is the limiting factor for most people but by working on it a little at a time will eventually complete your food storage.

The intent of having a year supply of food is that you will be able to live for one year off stored food until you are able to extablish your first crop. The techniques for homestead farming will be in future postings but it is imperative to practice a small garden for a hobby that way you will be able to establish your food crop with ease WTSHTF.

Food should be dated with the storage date and the expected expiration date. This allows you to use the first in, first out concept.

home disaster kitLiving off the grid can be very challenging. Lack of running water will become a priority immediately.

You can only live up to 3 days without water in most circumstances but even after the first day without water your body will be weak and it will quickly deteriate from that point. Being able to purify water is essential but beyond water purification will be water storage which can be challenging as well.

Nest issue with being off the grid is the lack of electricity. We use so much electricity to power everything. Even by using batteries this will only temporary solve the problem. Solar panels are a great alternative.

However, heat is a critical issue in colder climates or winter season months. A wood stove is imperative to be able to counter this. For this to be effective you will require wood already cut and seasoned. This will then be a continuous task that will require first in, first out principles to allow the wood to season.

This is the basic concepts of home disaster kit and in the future I will post additional information covering the subjects that I addressed. Any Contributers that have additional information should email me their ideas and I will post those I deem worthy.


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