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If you are a rookie for storing food for emergency preparedness, there are a few mistakes that you should avoid. Storing food for emergency preparedness is simple, but a lot of preppers make these food storage mistakes and can be easily avoidable.

Storing food is very important for any crisis or emergency, but do it right the first time. It will save you money and time. If you prevent making these 10 food storage mistakes I am about to reveal, you will be a professional storing food for emergency preparedness and you will be better prepared. Remember, it is never too late to start preparing for any crisis or emergency!

Start now and you will never regret it when the time comes.

green-buttonsHaving food you never cooked before: Make sure before you buy food such as grains, wheat, beans or anything in that nature to learn how to cook your food the proper way. It’s a good idea to practice cooking your food in nature such as the woods while camping, fishing, hiking or with special cooking equipment that heats up your food. You have to get use to the idea that your gas or electrical stove may not be working in a crisis and you need to find other means to cook your food.

green-buttonsStoring food that your family does not eat: Make sure you buy food your family are going to enjoy. Don’t just buy food to buy food. It will go to waste and wasting food is never good in a crisis or emergency. Look up different recipes online to cook delicious meals for the whole family. You don’t have to eat poorly in a crisis or an emergency.

green-buttonsNot rotating your food storage: It is crucial to rotate your food storage based on the expiration date, which is different from each food product. By rotating your food storage, you are keeping your food storage fresh. Eating food that does bad can put you at risk of getting sick. A suggestion is to keep a record on a piece of paper of each food product that you have and the expiration date.

green-buttonsNot having a variety of food choices for a well balanced diet: Make sure  you just don’t get one particular food group. Add a variety of food groups to keep it interesting and healthy such as fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, dried and canned foods.

green-buttonsNot Picking the proper food containers: Pick the right food continents to protect your food from pests and rodents. Getting the right food containers also prolongs shelf life. Food grade plastic containers, Mylar bags and glass jars are excellent food containers.

green-buttonsNot having a alternative cooking source of the power goes out: Lets face it, in a crisis or emergency your power can go out. That means your stove, microwave and oven will not work. There are many alternatives cooking your food if the power goes out such as a kelly kettle, volcano oven, wonder oven, propane camp stove and a solar oven.

green-buttonsNot storing water to cook your food: Storing water is very important not only for drinking, but to cook your food with as well. Many foods such as pasta, rice and quinoa requires water for cooking.

green-buttonsNot stocking up on salt, cooking oil, shortening, baking powder, soda, yeast and powdered eggs: A lot of food items require you to have these items to cook. For example, I use cooking oil a lot to cook my quinoa patties. Without proper cooking ingredients, your food may not come out right. Think about what food you are going to buy and then pick the necessary ingredients.

green-buttonsForgetting to store spices, salt and oil: Don’t forget to buy your favorite spices. Spices is what makes food taste good. It adds flavor to it. There are slot of spices you can stick up on such as garlic powder, cumin, onion powder and cayenne pepper. Spices are very good for you as well, it helps you loose weight and has many health benefits.

green-buttonsStoring your food in one location: Don’t just store your food in your house in your kitten. Store some food in the garage, basement or even in your bug out bag. If you store all of your food in one location your food supply can be at risk from looters.


I hope you enjoyed this food storage mistakes.


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