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Product Name: Food for Freedom

Product Creator: Frank Tanner

Price: $37.00


The Verdict: 9.5 of 10



The Food For Freedom guide is a simple-step book that delves into the process of building an Aquaponic garden at house, which can allow your family to thrive in times of need with fresh food.

In case you didn’t hear about it before, Aquaponics is the process of hydroponics together and combining aquaculture. The process entails using the waste products of fish as a powerful fertilizer while the plants serve as keeping, natural filters the water clean.

Frank Tanner explains that the idea of this book was created during one of California’s water shortages when food growth becomes a serious problem.

Frank says that the water shortage is becoming a very serious issue that many people are just ignoring, and it is only a matter of time before the US will suffer what is known as a “mega-drought” event.

Once this happens, the collapse of the food industry is imminent as more than half the vegetables and fruits in the US are grown in California.

To help you avoid the results of such a “mega-drought” event, inside his Food For Freedom system Frank Tanner offers detailed Aquaponics blueprints that were designed to provide a family of up to ten members with more than enough food.

In addition, Frank explains that this system has the ability to slash a family’s food bill by over 75% within just a few short weeks.

To assist you understand better what the Food For Freedom guide can offer you, here are some examples of the topics that Frank Tanner covers inside the main book:

green-buttonsExplanations and information about a free alternative to a $4000 fish tank.

green-buttonsTechnique to grow carrots, tomatoes, broccoli and radishes better and bigger than even the blue ribbon winning farmer at the state fair.

green-buttonsAll the detail you want to know about how to get the perfect combination of fish, soils, and seeds.

green-buttonsSimple-step plans to building a greenhouse for your Aquaponic garden, and a lot more.


Frank Tanner also offers the following bonuses inside the Food for Freedom:

The “Container Garden Secrets” book goes past just harvesting food from Aquaponics. This shows you exactly the type of soil and pots you should be using to grow your plants with just the shade and sun as your allies.

The “Simple Survival Canning” book that will show you the steps you want to preserve excess food and not let it go to waste.

Also included is the “DIY Greenhouse Blueprint” which will take you by the hand and show you how to construct your very own greenhouse for just around $50. This is a very useful book if you plan to take Aquaponics to the next grow and level a lot of food.

The “Setting Up Your Survival Seed Bank” book shows you how to pick the best seeds and grow incredible plants that are needed for an Aquaponic garden. This book also lays out the best techniques and time for getting the most out of your harvest.

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The Advantages:

Very Cost-Efficient

By using the Aquaponic garden system that the creator describes in his Food For Freedom plans, you can expect to harvest around 700 pounds of fish in a year and 200 pounds of vegetables monthly. While that is just an estimate, think of how much food that really is!

Of course, if you do not need that much diet you can always give away and sell all the excess.


Offers A Long Lasting Solution

Although the creator says that he created his Food For Freedom book to assist people deal with a mega-drought event, a crisis is not “needed” for you in order to take advantage of the Aquaponics system described in the plans.

I believe that this is actually just a best how to start saving a lot of money on your grocery bill, and being almost 100% self-sufficient.


Everything Is Simple To Understand

There is no need for PhD. with this survival book. The creator uses everyday terminology and makes all the steps simple enough to understand and follow when you begin to building your own Aquaponics garden.


2 Months Full Refund Policy

The creator offers a 2-months money back guarantee for his Food For Freedom guide and explains that if for any reason you will not find his guide useful for you, you can claim a full refund during that period.



The Disadvantages:

Only Available Online

The Food For Freedom books can only be purchased in a hard-copy and a PDF format version of the book is not available yet. If you are looking for a printed version, your only option will be to print everything by yourself.


Some Detail About This Topic Is Freely Available Online

The truth of the matter is you can find many of detail about Aquaponics for free on the online. Simply type “Aquaponics system” or “Aquaponics garden” into Google and look at the results.

What I try to say is that you can discover a lot about the Aquaponics concept online, and to find some free books as well.




The Food For Freedom guide has its minuses and pluses, and it is absolutely not the excellent option for everyone. This is true if you are looking for very advanced techniques or methods, or if you already have many of experience with Aquaponics systems.

Having said that, if you are looking for a simple-to-follow course that contains all the advice and steps you need to know in order to install an Aquaponic garden system at your house, then Food For Freedom is a best choice for you.

I must admit that the step-by-step directions and blueprints that the creator provides really impressed us and I believe that they make the building process as simple as it can get.

I really like about the Food For Freedom guide is that it shows you technique to set up long lasting solution and a very cost-efficient that will assist you to become prepared and self-sufficient for any “mega-drought” event that may happen in the future.

In addition, I have also found the bonus products that the creator provides to be extremely useful and I think that most people will find them to be a best help as well.

If you want to avoid wasting your time to start building your Aquaponics garden and low-quality blueprints with the help of a step-by-step plan, then I will recommend you to give the Food For Freedom book a try.

If you decide for any reason that his Food For Freedom guide is not for you, or if you will not a happy with the guide that the creator provides, then you can always contact him within 60-days and to ask for a full refund.




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