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Product Name: Family Survival System

Product Creator: Frank Mitchell

Price: $37.00


The Verdict: 8.8 of 10



The Family Survival System was developed by Frank Mitchell, a survival expert and a member of the US Armed Forces that holds over 60 Federal Emergency Management Agency certifications, the system is a excellent program which you will discover techniques to keep your family safe during a serious crisis, or a disaster.

Frank Mitchell, believes that the next economic crisis will come in the very near future, and inside the “Family Survival System” offers all the advice and knowledge that according to him will assist you and your family survive during the a serious crisis, or a disaster.

Frank Mitchell created the program is such method that it contains every section and several sections has its own checklist. Once you complete all the actions required inside the checklists you can be sure that your family and you are prepared for any serious crisis that will probably happen in the future.


What You Will Learn Inside The Family Survival System?

Here are the main sections inside the “Family Survival System” and short explanations:

green-buttonsThe “Makeup of Your Family and How it Affects Your Preps” that mainly focus on tools which will assist you analyzing your unique family’s situation.

green-buttonsThe “Threats We Face in America Today” which talks about a number of possible scenarios that the Family Survival System focuses on.

green-buttonsThe “Top 3 Skills for the Prepper checklist” that 3 skills which will give you best benefit when it comes to surviving in a broken world.

green-buttonsThe “Prepper Triangle” that covers 3 essential things in order to survive – gear, skills, and knowledge.

green-buttonsThe “Food – Gathering It, Storing It, Cooking It” that gives useful detail about several food topics, including technique to build your food supply in a cost efficient way, and technique to stockpile the right foods.

green-buttonsThe “Top 10 Knowledge Checklist” which talks about areas of knowledge that you must master and shows you exactly where you can find the required information.

green-buttonsThe “Home Defense for the Prepper Family” that covers several topics such as coping with intruders, outside security, and the right techniques to create barricades which improve your protection.

green-buttonsThe “Bugging Out vs Bugging In” that will assist you understand technique to make the right option when it comes to standing or moving to a safer area in your existing location, and techniques to act in cases when you need to do both.

green-buttonsThe “Start Small, Do It Now” that mainly talks about the importance of following the directions inside the program in order to be prepared and keep your family alive and safe.

green-buttonsThe “Getting Started With Prepping” which shows you the right techniques to benefit from the skills and knowledge that you have gained in order to combine them into a proper family survival plan.

family survival system review

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The Advantages:

greenThe “Checklists Method” from Frank makes the “Family Survival System” easy to follow and very user friendly, and also ensures that you will know exactly when your family and you are really prepared.

greenThe excellent program that covers survival topics and several aspects, unlike other guides which focus only on one topic.

greenContains only relevant detail, without any lots or fluff of pages just to make the manual longer.

greenCovers several topics that I did not see in any other survival guide before, such as the “Tugging Out vs Bugging In” and “Hybrid Situation” sections.

greenAvailable for an instant download which means that you can start following and implement the instructions on the same day.

greenComes with money back guarantee for 60-days so there is nothing to lose.



The Disadvantages:

redbuttonI think that in some parts of the “Family Survival System” provokes “too much fear” just to emphasize his point, something that I didn’t like.

redbuttonUnlike similar courses and guides which usually come with few bonus items, right now Frank Mitchell does not offer any bonuses to his main program.

redbuttonThe Family Survival System is available for buy only online and it’s not available in hard copy version.




Overall, I believe that value for money the “Family Survival System” is the excellent all-in-one survival program that you will find internet these days.

This program really contains all the important instructions and information that will assist you ensure that your family and you are prepared for any serious crisis and the “Checklists Method” makes this program much more effective.

I also must admit that the “Family Survival System” isn’t the most excellent survival program online and if you’re looking for one of these survival guide and you aren’t on a tight budget that comes with lots of contains 100’s of pages and bonuses then there are better options for you.

If you are looking for a simple-step user friendly program that offers the best value for money and covers the most important survival topics, then the “Family Survival System” should be your first choice.

The limited time discounted price really makes this program together with the full money back guarantee for 60-days and highly affordable there is actually nothing to lose.