disaster kit for pets

Pet Disaster Kit

Your pet disaster kit should be kept in an easily carried, readily accessible container, such as a gear bag, sports bag, duffle bag, or backpack. If you already have a backpack for your own bug-out-bag you may want to add your pet’s supplies to your own, or place your pet items in a hand-carry bag.

Remember to keep your kit up-dated with fresh pet food. Check food containers for “best by,” “use by,” and expiration dates; even canned foods and unopened dry food bags have expiration dates. It is best if you rotate this food out every two months to be safe.

Your Pet Disaster Kit should include:

  • Pet first aid manual
  • Pet first aid kit
  • Veterinary records with phone number and address of your vet – place in a waterproof container
  • Two weeks-worth of necessary medications (rotate these out for freshness)
  • Recent photos of your pet(s) in case you become separated
  • Written description of your pet’s feeding schedule, medical conditions, behavior problems, etc.
  • Current photos and descriptions of your pet(s) in case you become separated
  • Extra leash(es) and harness or collar (if appropriate for your pet)
  • Pet carrier (labeled with your name, address, and phone) for safe transport
  • Bowls for water and food (collapsible bowls are good for easy storage)
  • Five-day supply of food and water for each pet
  • Manual can opener and a spoon or fork for canned food
  • Plastic snap-on can covers for canned food
  • A blanket (which can be used as a bed, for warmth, or for picking up a fearful pet)
  • A towel
  • One roll of paper towels
  • Plastic trash bags -large and small- for cleaning and waste disposal
  • Liquid dish soap and disinfectant


For Dogs:

  • Non-edible chew toys to reduce stress (such as a Kong or hard rubber ball)
  • Grooming tools such as a comb or shedder


For Cats:

  • Litter box (disposable aluminum roasting pans work well)
  • Cat litter, and litter scooper
  • Small chase or chew toys to reduce stress
  • Pillowcase for


For Birds:

  • Secure travel cage or carrier
  • Thin cloth or sheet to cover cage
  • Blanket cover for cold weather
  • Spray bottle to keep feathers moist in warm weather
  • Timed feeder
  • Catch net
  • Cage liner
  • Perch, if possible
  • Safe, wooden chew toys
  • Other toys: swing, ladder, etc.


For Small Animals:

  • Secure carrier
  • Bedding material
  • Safe chew toys
  • Exercise wheel (depending on animal)


For Reptiles:

  • Heating pad or hot water bottle
  • Bowl for water (some reptiles may need a bowl to soak in)
  • Secure carrier or cage


If you can, also include:

  • Old newspapers for sanitary purposes.

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