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becoming a hunting guide

Hunting with a Handgun – A Quick Guide

Whenever most people think of hunting, images of long-guns always come to mind. Whether that be a rifle for game hunting, or a shotgun...
wilderness guide

Wilderness Guide – Survival and Wilderness Skills

If you, like myself, love to get out and hike around the great outdoors, then this list is for you. These are a list...
emergency water filtration

Emergency Water Filtration Methods

For those that have planned and prepared for acquiring and using alternative water sources, I know that you probably already have in your prep...
drinkable water

Drinkable Water the Next Priority

Once the disaster has passed, you have inspected your home and found it to be safe for the family Water is the next priority....
bugging in or staying home till help arrives

Bugging in or Staying Home Till Help Arrives

If time allows and you have enough prior warning to an impending disaster the first thing you need to do is gather the family,...
72 hour survival pack

72 Hour Survival Pack – Survival Guide!

What is a 72 Hour Survival Pack? Sometimes called a To-Go or Bugout Bag. The number two thing that all survival authorities agree on...
water storage for survival

Water Storage for Survival

Water Storage A water ration of as little as a pint per day has allowed life raft survivors to live for weeks, but a more...
advanced survival

Advanced Survival Issues

There are a huge number of issues relating to survival. These are introductions, with some slightly more advanced survival information for those who seriously...
urban survival tips

Urban Survival Tips

Do you think the end of civilization is hype or impossible? The end of days as some call it. Experts and history itself say it...
how to prepare for the long-term

How to Prepare for the Long-Term

When it comes to preparing for an uncertain future, no doubt the phrase "food and water storage" comes to mind pretty quickly – and...
zombie survival

Every Day Carry Zombie Survival

Every Day Carry – Things that you carry with you every day. When thinking about Zombie Survival then you have to be realistic. When...
preparing for the zombie apocalypse

Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse

Alright lets get right to it. What do you need to survive the Zombie Apocalypse? Food And Water You are going to want to have some...
greece financial crisis

Latest Greece Financial Crisis: What They Are Not Telling You

We are experiencing the beginning of the next largest financial collapse that will throw the whole world into chaos and confusion. You may or...
food survival guide

Food Storage Mistakes: 10 Mistakes You Should Avoid

If you are a rookie for storing food for emergency preparedness, there are a few mistakes that you should avoid. Storing food for emergency...
survival tips

Survival Tips – How to Survive a Crisis

There are many ways to prepare for a crisis and emergencies. You never know when a crisis in your lifetime may occur. It could...
wilderness survival shelters

Wilderness Survival Shelters: 5 Best Designs and How to Build Them

Nature and the wilderness can be your friend in a crisis or emergency. You can find food, equipment and even temporary housing in the...
how to survive a crisis

How to Survive a Crisis

Hey everyone, my name is Bill. I made this website to educate and help you be prepared for the coming economic crash or a...
food survival

25 True Facts About Food Survival – Complete Guide

You know you want to be prepared for any emergency that might come up; be it natural disaster, economic fail or any other misfortune...
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