camping supplies list

Having a camping supplies list is extremely important to have before leaving for your camping trip. Forgetting something essential on your trip or having to run to the store last minute is something you want to avoid.

Having your camping supplies list handy will keep all your supplies organized and will make sure you have everything that you need as well as take home everything that you took.

In most camping trips, you should have at least a basic supplies list. We will go over them below:

Tent: A tent is necessity in your camping list. Choose one that is water resistant, lightweight and sturdy. Also, make sure your tent is size and weather appropriate for your trip. Don’t forget to have the tools you may need for setting up your tent such as a hammer and stake, if needed.

Sleeping Bag: A sleeping bag is important for your comfort and warmth. Don’t rely just on blankets.

Rainwear: You should always include rainwear in your camping supplies list. Always prepare for wet weather, you will regret not having it if rainy weather rolls in.

Tarps: Bringing along tarps is a good idea if you plan on eating outdoors. Don’t forget to bring along some rope to tie up the tarps.

Cooking Equipment: Include in your camping list a portable grill as well as any fuel you may need. Also, bring along plenty of plastic plates, cups and eating utensils.

Food &Water: Always bring along plenty of food and water. You will not only be using water for drinking, but for many other reasons, so bring enough. As for food, can goods and dehydrated foods usually work well.

First Aid Kit: Including a first aid kit in your camping supplies list is very important. At the minimum you should have inside bug repellent, sunscreen, prescriptions, over the counter medications and your normal first aid supplies.

Personal Items: Soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste should be included. Feel free to add any other personal items that you may need to your supplies list.

Cleaning Items: Garbage bags, paper towels and dish soap will come in handy.

Miscellaneous Items: The main items should consist of a flashlight, extra batteries, a knife or multi tool, loud whistle, matches, lighters and a sewing kit.


The above 10 categories are what is needed to have for a basic camping supplies list.


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