camping cooking equipment

Having the right camping cooking equipment is important when going on your camping trip. With the right equipment, you can have many delightful meals, but with the wrong equipment, you may be stuck with a disappointment. If you don’t have the proper camping cooking equipment, you may have problems with food not cooked well enough, cold foods, overcooked foods, ashy foods or a combination of these outdoor cooking problems.

There is nothing like having a fun camping trip to only run into cooking food problems because you did not have the proper camping equipment. We will discuss why you need to have the proper cooking equipment and what is ideal for your outdoor adventure.

Some camping cooking equipment is more suited for beginners while others are for more experienced cookers. If you know how to use a charcoal grill or have grilled at home, a portable charcoal grill or even a portable propane grill might suit you well. Some portable grills even have a stove combo which makes it great for grilling foods and heating up canned foods or soups.

Another thing to consider when choosing camping cooking equipment is the length of your camping trip and how you plan on carrying your items. If you plan on going car camping or RV camping, your camping equipment can be larger and heavier. If you plan on backpacking your camping cooking, then you will need to consider a more durable, light and compact cooking grill.

One other factor to consider is the type of food you plan on bringing along with you on the trip. If you plan on bringing dehydrated meals or canned foods, a portable single burner stove may be ideal for you. With a single stove, you can boil water and cook your food in just a few minutes. If you will be RV or car camping, a Dutch oven may be best. You can cook soups, stews and chili with ease.

One of the most important factors when determining the proper camping cooking equipment is the quality of the equipment and the cost. Normally, the higher the cost of the gear, the better quality it is. However, there is some quality camping equipment that is being sold at low discount prices.

In short, when determining which cooking equipment best fits your needs, consider the following: 

Your experience level at camping cooking.

The type of camping you’ll be doing.

How you’ll be carrying your equipment.

Your spending budget.


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