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When choosing kids camping gear, it is important to pick gear that will be useful and fun for the kids to use. Camping with kids is a great way to spend quality time and bond with your family, but they will want and need their own gear. There are some kids gear that will keep them entertained while on the trip and some are important to have.

Below we will go over 8 kids camping gear items that they should have: 

Backpack: The first item of your kids camping gear is a backpack. Children will need their own backpack to pack their own items with them. This will also keep things organized. An ideal backpack is one that has a light fabric with a few zippers and pockets. You want to avoid an adult heavy duty backpack with a lot of pockets, zippers and straps for your kids.

Camping Lantern: Another item you should have in your kids camping gear is a lantern. Kids have a lot of fun with the lanterns and enjoy carrying them around. They are also useful for finding their way around the camp area and for findings items in the dark. When choosing a camping lantern for the kids, choose a battery operated lantern. You may want to avoid gas powered lanterns for younger kids because they get hotter and have a possible risk of fire, which makes it not very safe to keep in the tent.

Flashlight: One item each kid will need on their camping trip is their own flashlight. They are also very useful when night comes and kids have a lot of fun playing with them.

Binoculars: Having binoculars as part of your camping gear will come in handy for bird watching, nature watching and while walking on hiking trails.

Camera: There will come a time when your kids want to take a picture of something they find or a beautiful bird that they come across. That is why you should include a camera as part of your gear. An ideal camera is a waterproof disposable camera. They are not expensive and will last in bad weather conditions. You also may be surprised on some of the great photos your kids will take of each other and the family as well, which will be perfect for a photo album.

Compass: Including a compass in your kids gear is a great tool for them to have and use. It will teach them how to use direction to find places.

Bug Jar: Kids have a blast finding and collecting bugs. This can keep them entertained for hours. There are many sizes of bug jars to choose from to include in your kids camping gear.

Whistle: A whistle is a must for your kids camping gear. This is for safety reasons when out in the wilderness. Make sure to choose a loud whistle and have your kid’s wear one at all times when out playing and exploring. A loud whistle is a cheap investment for your kid’s safety and should always be part of your kids camping gear.


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