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30 day sharp shooter


Product Name: 30 Day Sharp Shooter

Product Creator: Jason Hanson

Price: $27.00


The Verdict: 9.0 of 10



The “30 Day Sharp Shooter” eBook is a self-help guide which promises to improve your shooting accuracy, regardless of your experience, and you will discover firearm handling tip and techniques which are not commonly known to all.

This self-help guide was developed by Jason Hanson, a former CIA officer and the author of The Covert Guide to Conceal Carry.

His creation is a collaboration of the skills he learned and those that are already practiced by professionals. Jason Hanson explains that with the correct handling tips and techniques, you will become more confident and simply get better in your shooting skills.


What You’ll Learn Inside The 30 Day Sharp Shooter Guide?

green-buttonsYou will discover the manual is the ultimate trigger control secret that has never been shown to most shooters. Jason Hanson explains that knowing this will improve your accuracy to a level that’s similar to professionals and experts. According to Mr. Jason Hanson, you will gain access to it as you go along the process and this control secret has only been used inside the government agencies.

green-buttonsSome photos in the manual to assist you determine exactly what to do when pulling the trigger and where to put your fingers. During your first 9 mins, you will already encounter an easy yet powerful drill known as the “Blank Panel“. This drill doesn’t require any ammunition, but it will give you a benefit in both shooting and aiming.

green-buttonsYou will discover about the “Draw to the Wall” wherein you will be able to draw out your gun smoothly and hit the target in less than 2 seconds. Along with these two is the “5-Square Drill“. It uses the 5-Square target, which will assist you build up your accuracy, confidence, and precision all at once.

green-buttonsIt’s also important to say that in addition to the “30 Day Sharp Shooter” guide, includes “The Covert Guide to Concealed Carry” at no extra cost. You will discover techniques to choose the appropriate holster, gun, and gear that you can use to defend yourself and others.

30 day sharp shooter review

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The Advantages:

Tested Shooting Techniques

The “30 Day Sharp Shooter” manual is not just invented out of nothing. It’s based on Jason Hanson’s learning and training experiences as a firearm handling coach, and other methods from expert shooters all over the world.

You’re bound to get better with your firing, aiming, and shooting skills in just a matter of weeks by following this manual.


Easy And Fun To Learn

You do not have to be a pro shooter, you can discover the tips and techniques provided in the “30 Day Sharp Shooter” manual. Also, Jason Hanson has included diagrams and photos showing exactly what you must do when firing a shot.


Reasonably Priced

In the long run, you will come to realize that this manual is reasonably priced and more practical compared to other options. In addition, unlike personal classes, this kind of manual doesn’t involve the heavy traffic and commuting expenses that you have to deal with as you go out for your classes.


Suitable For Everyone

The “30 Day Sharp Shooter” manual isn’t solely created for CIA’s, military, or policemen. It’s for everybody who wishes to improve their firearm handling tips and techniques regardless of their job.

Moreover, according to the creator, even those who aren’t really familiar with firearms will be able to defend their families and their own lives with the assist of his manual.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

If it doesn’t provide you with the results you expected or if within 60-days you do not find the “30 Day Sharp Shooter” manual helpful in improving your firearm skills, Jason Hanson promises that you will get a full refund.



The Disadvantages:

Requires Constant Practice

One important thing about the “30 Day Sharp Shooter” manual is that this guide will not work for you if you fail to implement the techniques provided. You will only get better as you practice the handling methods on a day to day basis.

If you lack consistency in everything you do or too lazy to initiate things as such, then this manual is not for you.


No Physical Copy Available

The “30 Day Sharp Shooter” comes in an eBook ( PDF ) format. For most people, it’s far more convenient than hard copies because you can easily download it to your computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can start immediately whenever you want to, and you do not need to wait long before it can be delivered.

However, this may be a major problem if you simply do not like buying online, or if you do not have access to a reliable internet connection.




Overall, I believe that the “30 Day Sharp Shooter” manual can assist everyone improve their firearm shooting and handling techniques regardless of experience and skills. A few minutes spent every day for this manual will enable you to defend your family or yourself from difficult situations or aggressive attackers.

You will have to be consistent in following the protocol, and take into account that it will take a few weeks for you to see real improvements. The 2 months money back guarantee from the creator gives you enough time to test all the material in his manual without any risk.

Considering all the things I said above, I believe that the “30 Day Sharp Shooter” manual is at least worth a try.