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Tent camping season is upon us and we thought it’d be a good idea to share some basic tent camping tips with our readers. Here are 10 basic tips for tent camping:

Don’t leave food in your tent – Animals can get in and wreak havoc on your tent if you leave food lying around in your tent or at your campsite.

Don’t wear shorts in unmarked trails – If you find yourself venturing off the beaten path, be mindful of any ticks or poisons. It’s best to wear pants if you’re not going to be sticking to pre-made paths.

Pack warm clothes – Even if you think the weather is going to be 95, dry and sunny, sometimes the temperatures can drop severely. It’s better to be over-prepared for weather than under-prepared.

Try to camp on higher ground – If your tent is perched on higher ground you will avoid the unpleasant experience of having a soggy tent if it rains overnight.

Get a warm sleeping bag – A rule of thumb is to get a sleeping bag rated for 10 degrees colder than what you are expecting for the coldest part of the night.

Get the right campground – There are campgrounds for beginners, and campgrounds for “survivorman” style hunter/gatherers. Make sure that your tent site has (or lacks) the necessary amenities.

Don’t forget a lantern – Many of us are so use to modern amenities like electricity, that they forget that it doesn’t follow them into the outdoors. Flashlights and campfires are good to a certain extent, but lanterns are your best bet for portable light around your tent site.

Bringing matches? – Waterproof your matches by dipping the head of the match into nail polish and allowing them to dry overnight.

Know your tent – It’s great if you have just bought a new tent. Just make sure you know how to assemble it before you are set up in a mountain somewhere.

Don’t put your tent too close to your fire – You don’t want any embers or loose flames floating by your tent and starting a fire!

What are some other tips for tent camping?


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